The most recommended way to come to Panormo is either via Heraklion airport, or via Chania airport. From the airport you can come to Panormo either by taxi, or by bus.

By taxi:

Panormo is about 60 km away from Heraklion airport. The route lasts approximately 50 minutes by taxi, and costs about 70 € (up to 4 persons).

Panormo is about 90 km away from Chania airport. The route lasts approximately 80 minutes by taxi, and costs about 90 € (up to 4 persons).

You can call a taxi before your flight so that it will be waiting for you when you arrive.

You can contact for further information.

Alternatively you can find a taxi at the airport. In that case the cost may be higher.

By bus:

There is a civic bus that departs from Heraklion airport. You can take the bus and ask the driver where to disembark using the words “KTEL to Rethymnon”. There is a bus every hour from KTEL bus station to Panormo. The ticket costs about 7 €. The route by urban bus lasts approximately 60 minutes. Total time approximately 2 hours.

Alternatively you can take a taxi from the airport to “KTEL to Rethymnon” (approx. cost 6 €), and then take your bus to Panormo. 

The last bus departs from Heraklion at 21.30. One should avoid the bus that goes from the “old road”.

There is a bus that departs from Chania airport (frequency depends on the flights). It goes either to Chania suburb bus station where you have to change bus, or directly to Rethymnon suburb bus station (destination depends on the flights and time period). In Rethymnon you may take the bus to Panormo. The tickets cost about 10.60 € (all together). Total time approximately 150 – 180 minutes.

The last bus departs from Rethymnon at 23.00.


Please don’t hesitate to address any questions to